Portfolio – Business Writing

The Socorro County Chamber of Commerce devoted many of its resources to soliciting funds and other donations from people and companies. As a result, one of my more frequent tasks was to write letters requesting donations, as well as even more letters to thank donors. I also wrote letters that encouraged people to attend events or become Chamber members. Each of these letters was a bit like a proposal in miniature. In all cases, I had to convince the recipient of the benefits of doing what we were asking, be it donating, attending an event, or becoming a member.

Golf Tournament Donation Request

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I wrote this letter for the Chamber’s annual golf tournament fundraiser. The purpose of this letter was to solicit donations from businesses and individuals in the form of monetary hole sponsorships or prize donations.

Golf Tournament Invitation

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This letter was an invitation to other Chambers of Commerce in the region and their members to attend our annual golf tournament. It talks up the tournament, describes vital information, such as prices and prizes, and then presents a special offer for those who come from out of town to attend the event.

Fishing Derby Thank You Letter

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The purpose of this letter was to thank the people generous enough to contribute money or time to the Chamber’s annual Fishing Derby.

Chamber Member Publication Display Notice

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Finally, this letter was written in response to the fact that a number of non-Chamber Members were mailing us their publication to display in our office. Unfortunately, we ran out of space to display these publications and had to remove them in favor of paying Chamber members’ publications. I wrote this letter to inform the publishers that we were removing their publications, but that we would continue to display them if they became Chamber members themselves. The letter describes the problem, then follows up with the benefits of becoming a member.

Several recipients of this letter subsequently became Chamber members.


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