Portfolio – Grant/Proposal Writing

Through my work with the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce, as well as through some of my classes, I have gained experience writing and editing grants and proposals. Some of the grants and/or proposals I have worked on are available below.

Coca Cola/National Recycling Coalition (NRC) Bin Grant

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While I worked at the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce, one of the organization’s goals was to jump-start the community’s recycling program. As part of this goal, I was tasked with writing the application for the Coca-Cola/NRC Bin Grant, which, if accepted, would be a huge step toward fulfilling the Chamber’s recycling goals.

The largest challenge with this project stemmed from the fact that the grant application was an online form and the questions were answered in text boxes with character limits. I had to figure out how to fit in all the information provided and answer all questions fully, while still maintaining a high standard of accuracy and grammatical correctness.

This grant was one of 85 selected from a total of 1,400 applicants. Recycling bins can now be found throughout Socorro as well as on New Mexico Tech’s campus.

Technical Communication Computer Lab Redesign Proposal

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When New Mexico Tech’s Technical Communication program was planning to redesign its outdated departmental computer lab, department faculty wanted student input so that the lab met students’ needs. In response, myself and another student wrote this proposal for the new lab while taking Persuasive Writing (informally known as proposal writing). This proposal was used by faculty to help guide the lab’s 2010 design and construction. Many of the requests included in this proposal were incorporated into the completed lab space.

In addition to sharing the writing duties, my role in this proposal was to research computer labs at other schools around the country to see what they found effective. I then incorporated these findings into the proposal by relating them to New Mexico Tech’s student and departmental needs. I used this information to make recommendations for the future lab.

I generated roughly half of the content for this proposal. In addition, I was in charge of editing the final version for consistency of style and tone.

Reduced-Cost Heliostat Development Project

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*The Word version of this document retains comments and instructions left to the Mechanical Engineering team, who would have made changes to the document before submission to Google.org.

This document was the product of a collaborative project with other students in my Persuasive Writing class (which is informally known as proposal writing). The client for this project was a team of Mechanical Engineering students who needed funding to complete its senior project: developing a reduced-cost heliostat system for sustainable energy. The team was requesting $500,000 from Google.org.

Our team of five students, myself included, worked together to create and maintain a style guide for this project. Then we worked on the grant itself, which required a mixture of editing the engineering team’s original documentation and generating new content.

In addition to my writing contribution, my main task for this document was to edit the completed document for style and tone consistency. This task was particularly challenging because not only did I have to blend the writing styles of the five members of the writing team, but in some parts, I also had to seamlessly incorporate writing from the engineering students.


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