Portfolio – Visual Design

Over the course of my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to design a number of documents for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the best examples of these can be seen on subsequent pages. All of these examples were created using Microsoft Word.

Burrito Bonanza Flyer

The Socorro Storehouse is the local food pantry for Socorro, NM. Throughout the year, they host a fundraiser called the “Burrito Bonanza” wherein they sell and deliver breakfast burritos to Socorro residents. The Storehouse was a Chamber of Commerce member, and when they asked for a redesign of their flyer, I was happy to oblige.

Other than the font and spacing changes, the most notable alteration to the flyer is the removal of the order form. I felt it was unnecessary because customers were supposed to phone or e-mail in their orders. Removing it cleared up a lot of valuable page real estate.

 Chamber of Commerce Membership Form

While working at the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce, I found myself responsible for creating or re-designing documents such as forms or pamphlets. The membership form that was used to join the Chamber was not only old, but also possessed outdated information. When I was asked to update the information, I also redesigned the whole form to make it more understandable and easier to use.

Adobe Plaza Game Board

While I was working at the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce, I saw several events created to draw attention to Chamber member businesses. One such event was the Adobe Plaza Block Party. The goal of this event was to draw people to all of the shops in the Adobe Plaza shopping center. In order to do this, a game was set up wherein customers had to collect stamps or signatures from all of the shops to be eligible for a grand prize drawing. I was tasked with creating the game board for this event based on a very vague hand-drawn mock up.

New Mexico Tech Writing Center Flyer

*Sadly, this bad scan is the only version I can find, since the Writing Center computer died and took my original file with it.

New Mexico Tech’s Writing Center is available to all students who need help with their writing. Unfortunately, few people were aware that the Center existed, so I was tasked with creating the flyer displayed around campus and handed out to students.


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