Portfolio – Article Writing

Over the course of my time at New Mexico Tech and during my internship at the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce, I had to write a number articles for publication in periodicals. I wrote articles for Paydirt, New Mexico Tech’s biweekly student newspaper, and for the Chamber of Commerce’s monthly newsletter, Chamber News.

Chamber News

Most of the articles I wrote for the Chamber’s newsletter were short blurbs about events going on around Socorro in which the Chamber was involved.

“Recycling Bins Available”

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This article was published to inform the community that the Chamber had recently been granted a number of recycling bins through Coca-Cola’s Bin Grant program and that they were publicly available.

“Display Your Goods”

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This article informed Chamber members that they could display goods in the Chamber’s office to gain the attention of potential customers, especially travelers visiting the Chamber for tourist information.


Both articles included in the following pages were written for my Article Writing for Mass Media class and subsequently published in Paydirt.

“Can’t Stomach Mandatory Meal Plans”

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I wrote this editorial about New Mexico Tech’s mandatory meal plan policy. I began by listing basic information about the meal plan. I researched other New Mexico school’s meal plan policies and compared them to New Mexico Tech’s. Finally, I informed students about who to contact to complain about the issue.

“Exciting New Philosophy Class”

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This article was used to inform the student body about, and interest students in, a new class that was being offered the following semester. The class was called Philosophy of Electronic/Digital Communication. To write this article, I had to interview the professor teaching the course as well as research some information about the subject matter, all while incorporating this information into a relatively short article.


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