About the Oddity

If you’re looking for my resume, it’s here. My portfolio can be found here.

I was born and raised in the high desert of Albuquerque, NM. I fell in love with the city of Chicago throughout my childhood during my annual familial visits to the city.

In high school, a friend bribed me with free ice cream to join his NM Supercomputing Challenge team and write the final technical report for the project. Three years of participating in the competition and winning the “Best Final Report” award led me to discover my vocation in technical communication. Too many years later, I graduated with honors from The NM Institute of Mining and Technology with a BS in Technical Communication.

Now that I am a Certified Grownup*, I am combining these two passions. I have moved to Chicago to attempt to land a technical communication job in the area. I pride myself on my flexibility and my persistence, so I am confident that I won’t just find a job–I’ll find my Chicago dream job.

Like most technical writers and editors, I have a passion for the English language, specifically the use of clear-and-simple English to convey information understandably. I prefer editing, but have no qualms about producing content in addition to “bleeding” on others’ words. I love arguing over the finer points of comma use, taking pictures of signs with poorly deployed apostrophes, and groaning at yet another company using Papyrus as its logo font.

Some of my other interests include tea, geology, whitewater kayaking, video games, board games, reading, techno, movie/game scores, and the Internet (yes, all of it).

I dislike tuna, bell peppers, and arugula.

*Grownup Certificate may or may not be forged.


One thought on “About the Oddity

  1. Good luck and I’m sure you’ll find your dream job in the Windy City.

    Fate wasn’t too kind to me and I’m working in Washington state for now. But I’ll be back to sweet home Chicago someday.

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