Portfolio – Marketing/SEO Writing

Here you will find some samples of marketing and/or SEO copy I have written. All of the examples below were written according to the client’s in-house style guides.  This page is broken into the following categories:

  • Short Product Descriptions (~60 words)
  • Business Profiles (~225 words)
  • Category Descriptions (~250 words)
  • Health Articles (~275 words)
  • Press Releases (~300 wors)
  • Business Guides (350+ words)

Short Product Descriptions (~60 words)

The following examples are short copy product descriptions written for a CloudCrowd client selling baby products. I was given the product specifications and had to use this information to write a description was both informative and attractive to the consumer.

Sounds ‘n’ Lights Baby Monitor

This baby monitor comes with two receivers, which allow both parents to monitor their children from across the room or even outside. Bright LEDs on the receivers allow enhanced visibility, while the transmitter’s nightlight function allows low lighting in the nursery without disturbing the baby. The included AC/DC plug allows families to avoid batteries—good for the wallet and the environment! Finally, the monitor features a modern look that will surely fit in with any decor.

2-in-1 Baby Rocker and Chair

Lightweight and compact with carry handles, this rocker will easily convert into a chair for infant comfort anywhere. Babies will be calmed by soothing vibrations, entertained by toys on the included toy bar, and protected from the sun’s damaging rays by the removable canopy. Babies up to 20 pounds will love this rocker and chair and so will their parents.

No Screws, No Tools Safety Kit

Finally, baby proofing is made easy and convenient for renters and homeowners who don’t want to damage their walls or furniture. This Dream Baby safety kit offers easy-to-install adhesive-backed locks, latches, and more to keep babies away from potential harm. And because no screws or tools are required, walls and furniture all remain completely unharmed.

Business Profiles (~225 words)

For these business profiles, I was required to fulfill some extremely specific keyword requirements, including specifics for the use of the company’s state and phone number (e.g., “Primary Keyword and Geo Keyword must be inserted in first sentence of first paragraph within the first eight words”).

Click the business name to open the profile (pdf).

Category Descriptions (~250 words)

These category descriptions were written to accompany category searches on the client’s Web site. The descriptions had to follow specific length, heading, and primary/secondary keyword requirements, while still sounding like natural prose. Additionally, the assignment also required placing brackets around words or phrases that could subsequently be used as links to other categories.

Click the category name to open the file (pdf).

Health Articles (~275 words)

The assignment for these articles, which are more SEO oriented, rather than true marketing copy, involved writing about a given health topic using client-provided research sources. Again, I had to follow certain keyword guidelines while still generating an interesting and factual article about the topic.

Click the article topic to open the file (pdf).

Press Releases (~300 words)

These press releases were intended to accompany the release of a company’s product or services. I was provided with basic information about the product, a quote from somebody within the company, basic information about the company, and a link to the company’s Web site (for independent research). I had to use this information to compose interesting and informational copy that would help attract customers to the new product or service.

Click the press release title to open the file (pdf).

Business Guides (350+ words)

The goal of this project was to create crowdsourced guides for various business topics. The topics were broken up into sections (Benefits, Pricing, Pitfalls), each of which were assigned to a writer. For this assignment, I was provided the topic, section, keyword/length requirements, and research sources, which I used to create my section of the guide.

Click the guide title to open the file (pdf).


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