The Joys of Telecommuting

I really love telecommuting. Why? Because this is my office:

My Back Porch "Office"

Bright and sunny in the morning, yet pleasantly shady in the afternoon. Best. Office. Ever.

As some of you already know, I have spent the last year working as Documentation Specialist (aka engineer herder and acronym wrangler) for the ALMA project. Well for the last month and a half (and until the project ends for our department), they very kindly permitted me to switch over to 100% telecommuting so I could go on this little odyssey of mine.

As I mentioned above, I really love telecommuting. Here are some more reasons why:

I can choose where I work.

Such as the lovely back porch. Or the breakfast nook (which is sunny and nice on chillier afternoons). Or the dining room table. Or even the park or the beach!

I can choose when I work.

I am a night owl; I have been my entire life. I am happiest when I can burn the midnight (or 2 a.m. or 4 a.m.) oil and sleep through the morning. I have no problem getting up in the morning–I got to those 8 a.m. classes somehow, after all–but given the choice, I’d really rather not.

I can work in my pajamas.

Or in a suit. Or in just jeans and a tee-shirt. I can send e-mails, and the recipients have no way of knowing that I may or may not be wearing any pants.

I can listen to any music I want.

While in the office, there were no rules forbidding music that I  knew of. I simply didn’t want to bother my officemates with my music–which is extremely varied, and probably isn’t for everyone. I also dislike wearing headphones because they’re uncomfortable and block out things I might need to hear. Working at home means problem solved.

There are fewer interruptions.

Because I choose to work either when household members are at work or asleep, my work is generally interruption free. In the office, I had chatting officemates, people popping in and out looking for things, the phone ringing, etc. Now the interruptions pretty much only happen when I want them to.

No commute.

No dealing with public transit or all the other crazy drivers on the road. Granted, the commute to my office in Socorro was about 90 seconds in “heavy” traffic. But in Chicago, the commute can be brutal, whether driving or taking the train/bus.

Despite all of these lovely perks, there are some downsides to telecommuting, as well. Those downsides, as well as some ways I deal with them, can be found in this post.

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