A Little Bit of Housekeeping

This blog is almost three weeks old, and I already have some followers, so I think it’s time for a housekeeping post. More interesting posts will resume very soon (see below for what you can expect to see from this blog in the future).

Thank Yous

First things first: a huge thank you to all my readers, commenters, and followers. I never expected to see any sort of reader action on this blog–I was doing it for myself to keep me motivated and writing–and I’m so pleased that other people are enjoying it. Thank you also to everyone who clicked on tweeted links to my post yesterday. Welcome Twitter people! A super special thank you goes out to anyone who retweeted or otherwise shared any of my blog posts. I wish I could thank you all personally, but I generally have no way to tell who is doing it.

Also, hello to my readers in Canada, South Africa, and Chile (although I suspect I know who is in Chile).

Some News

My H-A-R-D networking the other day paid off–I’m officially a blogger for the Chicago chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. I’m really excited for this opportunity, and I have some good ideas for articles. But don’t worry, shiny new readers, I won’t neglect this blog.

The Future

Here are some ideas for posts or articles that are in some form of being researched, outlined or hashed out…. or are simply still percolating in my brain meats. Note that some of these will end up over on the STC Chicago blog, but I’ll try to post links to those here on Second City Odyssey.

  • Multipart series on the evolution of my personal branding project (my logo, my business cards, and possibly my future Web site if/when I outgrow this one)
  • The benefits and pitfalls of only spending a single day at the STC Summit
  • A two-part series on networking for the shy and introverted
  • (Hopefully) a Q&A with one of the conference presenters
  • Some thoughts on Chicago’s vs. Albuquerque’s public transit systems
  • A reflection on “home”
  • A discussion of my experiences telecommuting across the country
  • Some thoughts on personal vs. professional social networking

An Entreaty

I am always trying to improve my writing, especially since blogging is such a new medium for me. Therefore, I am always open to feedback and constructive criticism. Are my posts too long? Are they funny? Are they interesting? Are they easy to read? Do they move you?

If you have anything to say about Second City Odyssey, I am an eager listener (reader?). Even if you just want to tell me I left in a potentially humiliating typo, drop me a line via comments, e-mail, or LinkedIn.

Thank you again for taking the time to follow along with me on my crazy journey.


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