Oh Sweet Home Chicago

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to live in Chicago. My dad was one of six born and raised in Chicago, and most of them stuck around. As a result, we visited the Second City nearly every summer. More recently, we began visiting in the winter as well. Despite having seen Chicago weather at its worst–July and December–I still fell in love. Born and raised a New Mexican high desert rat, I could not be attracted to a more dissimilar climate. But the allure of the buildings, the “L”, the parks, the lake shore, the festivals, the museums, and the concerts all greatly outweigh the cold and the humidity.

Lake Point Tower and Navy Pier

Some day I will live here… (via )

And now, nearly one year after I graduated from New Mexico Tech with a BS in Technical Communication, I have my chance. My contract with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array is winding down, so my boss gave me permission to travel to Chicago while telecommuting part time. I also have some freelancing work I can do to help bolster my savings while I hunt for my city dream job.

So I packed as many necessities as I could into a suitcase and pulled up my roots to move to Chicago and dwell in my aunt and uncle’s basement. I will spend the next three (or more) months searching for a job. If I get one, I will move here permanently, and my childhood dream will come true.

Part job-hunt blog, part travelogue, this blog will detail my various misadventures as I try to make my way in the big city. This is my Second City Odyssey.


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